AWAS began to produce tea products in 1992 and has been recognized for its tea making skills over decades. AWAS is strict about the original flavor of the teas and the importance of roasting, to allow teas to be presented in the simplest way that is compatible to life.

    As it has both understanding and passion for Taiwan teas as well as the determination in
      promoting them, AWAS is devoted to blending teas in people’s daily life, hoping
       to bring each one the tea culture in life that suits him.
                                                                              To realize its ideal of a good cup of tea enjoyable at any time and any place,
                                     AWAS pays special attention to the quality and safety. Only by safeguarding the
          quality and putting the complete process of tea growing and production under
food safety inspections can it be possible for the consumers to be guaranteed in respect of tea drinking
in their life.

AWAS, looking at the future, will establish “Life teahouse”, a chain of teahouses which create space for
slow living and Taiwan teas-centered. It is also aggressive in marching toward globalization, promoting the ideal of “drinking teas leisurely” worldwide and having the new tea drinking way that is healthy shared.
                       Be creative in life by having teas to elevate life style.
                         AWAS Herbal fruit teas are caffeine-free, low in calories, and give slight herbal fragrance like in a garden when brewed,
      which can ease one’s mind. Contained in pyramid-shape teabag, the series uses the original leaves, not blending with
     flakes like those available in the market. The 3-D, fine filter allows the tealeaves to wholly stretch, enabling complete savoring of the scent. “Xinchenfong candy”, a known Taiwanese treat, is a rich brown sugar enriched with tea plus composite regime recipe; it is packaged with nitrogen to keep fresh and seal in it the pristine flavor, and makes a tea brick that retains good look at all time. The aftertaste of teas can be accompanied by snacks, like classic sweets including AWAS handcrafted roll cake and green tea Kyoen cake. Blend teas into life to feel the fresh mellowness of life, creating your own life art and share joyfully.