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“Sounds of nature: Talk of tea”, the second biggest brand that belongs to AWAS enterprise, has selected good Taiwan teas that vary in taste and lasting like the pleasing chirp by the sparrows in Taiwan’s mountains. Simple and bright package and the flavor development of the combined tea drinking help highlighting the brand image and the fashion of being healthy in the display and sale.
Our faith has been professional persistence in genuine materials and traditional skills.

With Sounds of nature: Talk of tea, we will be aggressive in expanding the business based on the utmost “genuine” and “professionalism”, and upgrading our quality assurance and our commitment to service. We really do sustainable operation, hoping to open new pages for the company and contribute to the people’s health and happiness, as well as advance toward the goal of “No. 1 in Taiwan and in the world”.

  • Department stores and supermarkets
  • Cosmetic retails
  • Hypermarkets
  • Organic dealers
  • Bookstores

Outlets, agents, hypermarkets, organic products outlets, cosmetics chain stores, hotel supply providers, bookstores