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“A professional assessment team analyzes the beverages considering the area of the shop to be opened and understand their feasibility and competitiveness, before organizing the production methods into manuals of standard operations and presenting pricing for the beverages based on the zone assessments.
Besides the basic understanding of the teas as materials, standardized processes are further needed to control the costs. The principle of innovation by R&D teams is applied to present the merchandise in a perfect manner. Owing to its experience in research, development and manufacturing over years in the tea industry, AWAS is able to make breakthrough anytime with the most up-to-date information it possesses.
Explanation is given in respect of features of each item and the focused
analysis of market development to enable every service person to achieve
the professional level of presentation. Manuals of standard operations are
used for standardized operation procedures to present the tea products in
a complete manner.

Prior to the hardware installation, the design team takes careful
consideration in the use of space.
Thoughts are given to how
consumers feel in the shop and
how smooth it is to provide
service using the space; as such,
visual design and sound spatial
layout are employed to embody
a relaxing and warm space”.

The first “Innovated 4th-generation store” was inaugurated at Nice Plaza, Chiayi on June 4, 2013. That will serve as the benchmark for all booths inside department stores in Taiwan to get upgraded on full scale.
AWAS is looking forward to more than 20 stores deployed synchronously in US, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong,China and Singapre in 2013 in hope of a win-win situationthrough collaboration.